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Expert Secrets (Free Book)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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What is Expert Secrets?

Is one of the best book for learn how marketing your business. Not just for online marketing. This book goes into so much detail and is perfect for any business. How to tell stories to make sales. How to be the expert in your Niche with ClickFunnels

Expert Secrets is the second best selling book from Russell Brunson.

It was published in 2017 and comes in at 265 pages long.

The book is all about creating your own following. By becoming an expert and coming up with a message that can change someone else’s life.

In Russell’s trademark style, you’ll get plenty of examples and stories where he illustrates how he created his own loyal following that turned Clickfunnels into a $100 million business.

At the time of this post, Expert Secrets has 4.7 stars and +200 reviews on Amazon.

The book is aimed at people trying to run two types of businesses. The first, is someone who wants to sell info products directly. This could be selling an ebook, a course, coaching or consulting.

The second type is someone who wants to leverage info products to grow their own business. This is what Russell did to grow ClickFunnels into a $100 million a year business.

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